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Publisher’s Internationalé offers a complete suite of advertising services, as Australia’s number one international media specialist, we have exclusive contracts with the world’s leading media and offices in Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong and affiliates across 24 markets. We work with clients across Print, Digital, Performance, TV, Social, Radio, OOH and Events to ensure the success of their campaigns. Decades of experience specifically within the education sector allows our teams nationally to support Australian education providers marketing objectives with expertise. Globalisation demands flexibility to communicate and collaborate in global networks, reaching out to audiences offshore. We provide support with planning as we understand the unique cultural, regulatory and social sensitivities in each market and we can help navigate these attributes, thereby making an international campaign more efficient.


Zorka Sipkova
National Sales Manager - International Media 

Level 1, 97 Pacific Highway North Sydney

Ph: 02 8298 9310
Mob: 0431 954 610