Pre-conference workshops

Date: Tuesday 18 October 2016AIEC2016 Pre-conference workshop program flyer
Venue: Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre
Time: Morning (9am-12 pm) or afternoon (1pm - 4 pm)

AIEC pre-conference workshops are interactive sessions in which skills or concepts are taught, demonstrated, or explored, and they are rooted in participation and active learning.

Workshops engage participants in the exploration of practical solutions based on real issues from a variety of specialised fields. Activity and interaction are vital parts of these workshops.


Registration for pre-conference workshops is now open.

You do not need to attend the conference if you wish to only attended a workshop.


Click on the worskhop title to see a full description of each workshop.

Morning (9am - 12pm)
01. Make your mark in MENA
02. Connecting the digital dots
03. Fraud busters: detecting fraud in international student admissions
04. From blockers to enablers: embedding student mobility into the curriculum
05. The ties that bind: leveraging home and branch campus relationships for mutual benefit
Arternoon (1pm - 4pm)
06. Scholarships and alumni: evaluating the impact of international education
07. A marriage that works: VET pathways into higher education
08. Beyond exhibitions: the changing landscape of international recruitment
09. Six perspectives to build Asia cross-cultural intelligence
10. The rise of the selfie: leveraging user-generated content in your marketing

Key dates

1 June 2016 - Registration opens

19 August 2016- Early bird closes

18 October 2016 - Conference starts