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Plenaries and keynotes

Creating opportunities within disruption: the power of connectivity in a brave new world

Jacueline KassteenThis plenary kicks off with a rapid-fire review of the latest international student recruitment trends and forecasts, spotlighting the most important implications for today’s education providers which present both threats and opportunities. 

These developments set the tone for how we might adapt to changing market conditions and innovate in the months and years ahead in order to overcome disruption, remain competitive, and differentiate our marketing techniques, our programs and the student experience.

Jacqueline Kassteen, Owner and Managing Director, Transformative Marketing Solutions, will take us on a whirlwind tour of the latest advances in technology, marketing and customer service which are responding to the demands of an instant gratification generation and also pushing consumer expectations ever higher. Join us for an inspiring talk that will spark new ideas to help you break away from a traditional marketing mentality and activate new strategies that put hyper-connected students at the heart of your value proposition.

KOTO:  A recipe for life success

Jimmy PhamWhen Jimmy Pham AM first spoke at AIEC in 2006, Know One Teach One (KOTO) was a new and innovative life skills and hospitality program that was helping transform the lives of street kids in Hanoi, and is fast becoming one of the leading hospitality programs in the Vietnam.

Ten years on, Jimmy returns to AIEC to tell us KOTO has grown into an internationally respected and award-winning social enterprise which provides a two year intensive training program in life skills, English language and restaurant hospitality for highly marginalised and at-risk youth, delivered through KOTO’s schools and training restaurants in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City.

Today, many KOTO alumni are now global citizens and leaders in their own right with many continuing to support new trainees according to the motto – know one, teach one – and so the KOTO family grows, and the learning circle endures.

Joining Jimmy in this inspiring plenary session is one such KOTO alumnae, Ms Dang Thi Huong, who after graduating from KOTO, received a scholarship to study at Box Hill Institute and went on to become the inaugural recipient of the ‘2013 Victorian International Student of the Year – Higher Education Award’ and ‘Premier’s Award’. Huong has just completed her Master of Innovation and Entrepreneurship at Swinburne University of Technology. Huong will talk about her life in Vietnam before joining KOTO and how the program provided her with opportunities beyond her wildest dreams. 

Join us for a truly inspiring plenary that is testament to how education can positively change a person’s life, and how the KOTO philosophy of ‘paying it forward’ can have a tremendous and life-changing impact on family, society and industry.

Be first, be best or be nowhere

Dr Simon EassomTechnology has never had a greater impact on the nature of business: no longer just a back-office capability to manage operations, technology has created a breeding ground for the digital invaders. Ultimately, computing is about networked intelligence and the real impact of the internet and smart devices is only beginning to be realised, as that data insight is translated into automation and machine intelligence. As a result, all industries, not least education, are seeing their heavy physical and human assets as restrictive and their hold on their consumers weakened by the threat of new ecosystems of non-traditional providers disrupting their market with new business models and leaner, more agile operating structures enabled by these new, intelligent technologies. Education will not resist these disruptions; it will benefit from them, and traditional players will be strengthened if they are able to harness the technology and make some fundamental changes. To succeed in a global demand-driven, ecosystem economy, education providers must redesign their operating model to be closer to the point of demand, innovate their ecosystem for speed to market, and boost their digital acumen for real-time insights.

In this presentation, Dr Simon Eassom, Education Strategy and Solutions Leader for IBM's Global Education Industry practice, will outline how cognitive computing is changing the education landscape; changing the way people and organisations engage with one another and changing the way knowledge is shared and leveraged.

More interactive café sessions

Following the success of last year’s café session format, the conference this year features eight café sessions covering a range of topics and key interest areas. They include:

Department of Education session: counsellor insights from the Department of Education international network

What does it really mean to internationalise the curriculum? Theoretical and practical perspectives from the coalface of teaching and learning

Getting to the bottom of social networks - discover how international students really use social networks

TEQSA TNE and quality assurance

Don't ask, don't tell? International education and the LGBTQI experience

Collaboration, partnership and consortia building to compete globally at scale

International education in Australia: come and test your proficiency!

Sessions for newcomers

If you are new to international education, or new to the industry in Australia, we have something just for you.

The program will feature two dedicated sessions for newcomers:

“International education 101: what you should know”  is perfect for those who have recently joined the sector in the last two years, international visitors who want to know more about the Australian landscape, or anyone with a bit more experience but wanting a bit of a ‘refresher’. Speakers will present valuable tools and resources to keep your knowledge current and help you decipher those crazy acronyms. If you want to learn about the origins and current status of the industry globally; the regulatory environment in Australia; the key ministers and peak bodies; and the challenges and opportunities for international education in Australia, then don’t miss this session on Wednesday morning!
“International education in Australia: come and test your proficiency!” is a fun and interactive café session where your knowledge of international education will be tested. You will hear from industry peers who will share their experience in applying a practical approach to an industry or work problem. And most important of all, you will have the opportunity to meet your peers and share your experiences through this networking-focused session.

Is this your first time attending AIEC? Read more about how to make the most of your first AIEC.

Countries ‘in focus’

Our popular ‘countries in focus’ series this year focuses on four key source markets for Australia: China, Mexico, Philippines and Iran.

These panel sessions are particularly valuable for people who work in admissions and recruitment, marketing and communications, transnational education and collaborations and partnerships. They offer an overview of the current landscape in those countries to help institutions inform their international education strategy.

Experts in these four markets will present and answer your questions. The speaker line-up includes education providers from all education sectors, representatives from government bodies (Austrade, DFAT or DoET) and representatives from the private sectors.

Market intelligence and trends from the best minds in international education

A key focus for 2016, our breakout sessions feature a wide range of industry experts talking about trends and developments in international education.

Hear from Zainab Malik, British Council Education Intelligence, on study abroad and how the experience of recently returned students manifests itself in their student experience, career expectations and contributions to society.

Lyndell Jacka, Head of Research at IDP Education, will present the latest insights from IDP’s Buyer Behaviour research, focusing on marketing communication preferences and the influence of students’ pre-existing in-country relationships.

Rahul Choudaha, aka Dr Education, will illustrate the evolution and importance of three megatretrends related to international student mobility and their implications for institutional strategies.

Rob Lawrence, Principal at Prospect Marketing, will present entirely new research which will embrace students across all sectors and informed by employers, commentators and opinion leaders. The research examines how delivery patterns will need to change to meet demand and, will identify the types of programmes and services which providers across all sectors will need to offer.

Duncan Ross, Data and Analytics Director at TES Global, will explore what distinguishes the best universities from the rest and identify the strengths and weaknesses that rankings can show us.

Special program stream for VET and Schools

We recognise that a large percentage of AIEC delegates are from the university and higher education sector, but international education cuts across all education sectors and we know that many of our delegates work in cross-sector jobs and environments.

Following the success of the schools stream in the 2015 program, this year’s AIEC will feature two separate streams, dedicated to the VET and schools sectors. Sessions are open to all delegates, but they will likely attract delegates whose primary focus is either VET or schools.

Read more about the VET and Schools program here

Interactive pre-conference workshops

These hands-on, practical workshops allow you to deep dive into specific topics and take away some practical tips that you can apply in your day-to-day work. Even if you're not attending the full conference, you can still register for a stand-alone workshop.

This year’s workshop topics include: Middle East and North Africa (MENA), building digital skills, identifying fraud, embedding mobility into the curriculum, the future of international branch campuses, scholarships and alumni, VET pathways into higher education, cross-cultural intelligence in the Asian context, the changing landscape of international recruitment and the ‘rise of the selfie’.

Workshops will be held on Tuesday 18 October at the Melbourne Convention Centre.

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Key dates

1 June 2016 - Registration opens

19 August 2016- Early bird closes

18 October 2016 - Conference starts