Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Can I book accommodation through the conference registration?

Accommodation bookings can be made via the online registration form from 1 June 2016 until 13 September 2016.

Are there special deals at hotels near the conference venue?

Accommodation bookings can be made via the online registration form from 1 June 2016 until 13 September 2016.

How do I book accommodation?

You can book accommodation at the conference hotels at the time of registration, using the online registration form. You will need to provide a credit card guarantee, which is taken by Think Business Events on behalf of the accommodation provider, and supplied to the hotel as a guarantee of the booking.

When can I book accommodation through the conference?

You can book accommodation from 1 June until 13 September 2016.


When do registrations open?

Registrations open 1 June 2016. Subscribe for updates to be notified when registrations open.

How much is a registration?

Registration costs vary depending on when you register and whether you are a speaker, student, school staff, IDP client or IEAA member. See full list of registration options, rates and inclusions.

How do I register?

Use the AIEC online form to complete a registration. A new form needs to be completed for every person who will hold a registration in their name.

Am I a speaker?

For the purposes of registration, the term ‘speaker’ or ‘co-speaker’ refers and includes any person who is participating in the conference in any of these roles: presenter or co-presenter, poster presenter or poster tour guide, café session facilitator, session chair, panelists or co-panelist, panel moderator, session discussant, and/or pre-conference facilitator or moderator.

Am I eligible for the speaker rate?

If you have been invited to speak at the conference or if your proposal (presentation, poster, cafe session, workshop or panel) has been accepted, and you have written confirmation, you may register at the speaker rate.

Delegates who register at the speaker rate will be checked against the speaker list.

Am I an IDP Education client?

To find out if your organisation is an IDP client, please visit the following websites:

Or please contact IDP Education for other countries:

T: +61 3 9612 4400

Delegates who register at the IDP Education client rate will be checked against the client list.

Am I an IEAA member?

Please contact the IEAA

T: +61 3 9925 4579

Delegates who register at IEAA member rate will be checked against the membership list.

When is the early bird registration deadline?

Early Bird ends on Friday 19 August 2016 – you must have registered and paid in full for your registration to receive the discounted rate.

What are the methods of payments?

Registration can be paid by credit card, cheque or electronic funds transfer (EFT).

Is catering included in the registration?

Yes, lunch and morning and afternoon teas are provided. To see the list of inclusions for each registration type, please view registration fees and inclusions.


What type of board will the posters be displayed on?

Your poster will be attached to a black Velcro-compatible board.

What will be used to attach the poster to the poster board?

Velcro dots will be provided to you upon arrival so you can attach your poster to the board. Drawing pins should not be used.

Which kind of material should I print the poster on?

Regular paper is acceptable, as well as corflute or thicker cardboard. Please do not use fabric.

When and what do I need to provide for the digital version of the poster?

Please send your poster in a PDF version to the conference organisers at The PDF will be uploaded to the conference proceedings at the conclusion of the conference, so we must receive it by no later than Friday 21 October 2016. The PDF should be readable on a computer screen.

Will there be chairs/tables for poster presenters?

No, we will not provide poster presenters with individual chairs and tables. The Speakers’ Lounge is located only a few metres from the Poster Zone in the Exhibition Hall, so poster presenters may want to use this space, subject to availability, for smaller discussions. There are a number of other seating spaces in the Exhibition Hall.

Will there be display rack for handouts?

Yes, there will be a display rack in the Poster Zone where poster presenters can display handouts. Please note this will be a ‘shared’ display, and only a limited number of handouts per presenter will be possible. Poster presenters are responsible to restock their pile as required.

Will there be a place for business cards?

There will no business card holders. However, you can purchase one at a standard office supply retail outlet and bring it with you. They are usually Velcro compatible, and can be attached to the Velcro-compatible poster board assigned to you in the Poster Zone.

How will people find my poster?

Posters will all be located together in the Poster Zone and numbered. This space is clearly indicated on the Exhibition Hall floor plan.

What information will be displayed on the poster board?

Each poster board will have a heading with the poster title, presenter name and poster session time. There will also be a section where you can write your contact details or indicate which times you will be available and present at your poster.

What role will the chair play in the poster session?

The chair of the poster session will be there to help you manage the group and help facilitate the discussion. He or she will introduce the presenters in the session, and provide a brief explanation of how the session will run. The object of the 3-5 minute introduction is to be able to set the scene and provide the main points about your poster and what it’s about. Once the introduction is complete, the presenters and delegates will physically move from the Speakers Lounge, to the Poster Zone (where your actual poster is displayed), and continue the presentation and Q&A next to the actual poster board. If there is more than one poster in a session, the chair may assist in breaking up the groups into smaller groups.

What is the format of poster sessions?

poster session is a 75 min session, which is scheduled concurrently with other sessions in the program. Each session will feature 2 to 4 posters. During the first part of the session, each poster presenter will have 3-5 minutes to introduce/present their topic. Once all have presented, the group will then break up into smaller groups and continue the discussion next to the poster board.

Do I have to stand at my poster display for the whole conference?

We recommend that you be at your poster during the Welcome Reception, morning and afternoon breaks and lunch breaks. Alternatively, you can also use the cards provided to indicate what other times you will be available, so other delegates know when you find you at your poster display.

For details on display times, setting up or removing your poster, please see poster guidelines.

Do I have to provide a PowerPoint of my presentation?

You don’t have to provide a PowerPoint if you don’t want to. The poster session will begin with a short introduction by each poster presenter. If you want to use a PowerPoint to accompany your short introduction, we recommend 3 to 5 minutes, and 1 slide per minute. Alternatively, you might just want to speak for 3 to 5 minutes without a PowerPoint.

Audiovisual equipment at AIEC 2016


Do speakers have to register for the conference?

Yes, all speakers must register to attend the conference. Submitting a proposal and being accepted as a speaker does not constitute registering for the conference. When registration opens in June 2016, all speakers must register via the online registration form and pay the speaker rate by no later than Friday 19 August 2016. Failure to register may result in the speaker being removed from the program.

Speaker registration information

How can I update my speaker profile?

You can update your speaker profile at any time by logging into the XCD Systems portal until Friday 24 June. See 'speaker profile' page for more details on what information is required, and instructions.

Do I have to submit a PowerPoint or Prezi for my session?

Speakers may choose at their own discretion whether or not they want to prepare visuals for their presentation, either in PowerPoint or Prezi, or use any other audiovisuals such as video or audiofiles.

If you are using PowerPoint, Prezi or any other audiovisual media, please refer to audiovisual equipment and room setup for AIEC 2016.

Why do I have to submit the PowerPoint presentation the day before my presentation?

The Speaker Preparation Room can get busy at peak times of the day, especially on the Wednesday (first day of the conference). Therefore we encourage speakers to assist us in minimising last minute rushing to get all the files properly networked in time for their session.

If you are not attending the conference the day prior to your presentation, please ensure you visit the Speakers Preparation Room at least 2 hours before your presentation, or email your file directly to the conference organisers at

Can I use Prezi instead of PowerPoint?

Prezi is an acceptable file format at AIEC. If you are using Prezi, please note the file has to be an executable file designed to work offline.

Will there be audiovisual technical support at the venue during my session?

There will be an AV technician in the Speaker Preparation Room and venue staff on call who can assist on the day.

audiovisual equipment and room setup for AIEC 2016

We have several co-speakers in our presentation/panel. Can we each submit a separate file?

Yes, each speaker can submit a separate file and visit the Speaker Prep Room at their own time.

When can I visit the Speakers' Preparation Room?

The Speakers' Preparation Room will be open during the following times:

Tuesday 18 October: 8.00am – 5.00pm
Wednesday 19 October: 8.00am – 5.00pm
Thursday 20 October: 8.00am – 5.00pm
Friday 21 October: 8.00am – 1.00pm

Do speakers receive a certificate of presentation?

No, the conference does not issue certificates of presentation. We collect all the PowerPoint presentations at the end of the conference, convert to pdf, and include them as part of the conference proceedings. For more information on previous conferences, please see Past AIECs.

Who retains copyright of the presentations?

Call for Proposals

What is the deadline to submit a proposal for AIEC?

Online submissions closed on 29 February 2016.

When will I know if my proposal has been accepted?

We will notify everyone of the outcome by 23 May 2015. Please see key dates for other important deadlines.

How many words must the abstract contain?

The limit for the abstract description is 150 words.

Can I review my abstract after I have submitted it?

If your proposal is accepted, you can make edits and changes to your proposal until 5 pm on Friday 3 June 2016. After this date, the portal will be closed, and you will not have access to make any more changes directly, and need to send any changes/updates to the Conference Manager at

Key dates

1 June 2016 - Registration opens

19 August 2016- Early bird closes

18 October 2016 - Conference starts