Proposal types and session formats

The Committee invites proposals in the following formats:

Panel (75 min)

A ‘panel presentation’ is a group of presentations grouped together and proposed as a ‘package’, and the proposal is therefore accepted or rejected as a whole. All speakers MUST be confirmed in order for the proposal to be accepted.


  • No. of presenters: 3 to 5 presenters (including chair or moderator).
  • Duration: 75 minutes.
  • Session format: Panel presentations are structured sessions with a set time for each panelist to speak, which is determined by the person submitting the proposal. Sessions begin with an introduction (or presentation) from the chair, followed by other presentations. The session must include time for Q&A, discussion and dialogue during the session or at the end to allow for audience participation and engagement.
  • Abstract: The ‘abstract’ section of the online submission should describe the overall topic and provide a general description of what the panel is going to present and achieve. If the presenters are going to address common questions, they should be included in this description.
  • Chair: Submissions must include one chair in their proposal.
  • Room set-up: Theatre or round tables, stage with panel table.
  • Audiovisual: Projector, screen, lectern and mic. Roving or stand-up mic(s) will also be available for Q&A.

Presentation (30 min)

Short presentations will be grouped with other short presentation each on a common key interest area or sector representing different perspectives on a similar issue.  These sessions of grouped presentations are referred to as ‘thematic sessions’.

  • No. of presenters: 1 or 2 per presentation
  • Duration: 30 minutes
  • Presentation format: We recommend 10-15 minutes of presentation and at least 10 minutes for Q&A.
  • Session format: A thematic session will typically include two (2) short presentations for a 75 minute session:

    Chair intro (5 min)
    Presentation #1 (30 min)
    Changeover (5 min)
    Presentation #2 (30 min)
    Chair closing remarks and housekeeping notes (5 min)

  • Chair: A chair will be appointed by the committee and chair the entire session.
  • Room set-up: Theatre or round tables
  • Audiovisual: Projector, screen, lectern and mic. Roving or stand-up mic(s) will also be available for Q&A.


Poster presentations provide the opportunity to talk to people on a one-to-one basis, and more time to do so than an oral presentation.


  • No. of presenters: 1 or 2 presenters
  • Poster specifications: The poster must be no larger than A0 size (841mm x 1189mm) and the orientation must be portrait. Poster guidelines with further information will be made available at the time of notification. 
  • Poster presentation: Posters will be grouped by topic, sector or key interest area into ‘poster sessions’ which are scheduled into the program concurrently with other sessions and take place in the Speakers Lounge in the Exhibition Hall. Presenters will introduce themselves and the topic of the presentation (approximately 5 minutes) and the rest of the session will take place in small groups either at the poster board or in the Speakers Lounge.
  • Poster display: Posters will be displayed in the Exhibition Hall for the duration of the conference (Tuesday to Friday). Poster presenters are expected to set-up their posters on Tuesday before the Welcome Plenary and be available in between conference sessions to discuss their work or research with delegates.
  • Audiovisual: Audiovisual equipment (projector, screen, lectern and mic.) will only be available in the speakers lounge for the scheduled poster session (i.e. 5 minute intro presentation)

Café session

The 'World Café' is a structured conversational process intended to facilitate open and intimate discussion, and link ideas within a larger group to access the 'collective intelligence' or collective wisdom in the room. Participants move between a series of tables where they continue the discussion in response to a set of questions, which are predetermined and focused on the specific goals of each café sessions.

  • Presenters (aka facilitators): 1 or more
  • Duration: 75 minutes. 
  • Abstract: The ‘abstract’ section of the online submission should describe the overall topic and provide some idea of the what delegates will achieve in the session.
  • Chair: Submissions must include at least one facilitator in their proposal.
  • Room set-up: Round tables, stage with panel table.
  • Audiovisual: Projector, screen, lectern and mic. Roving or stand-up mic(s) will be available.

To read more about the world café concept and method, please visit

Pre-conference workshop

Proposals for workshops cannot be submitted online. To discuss your proposal or for more details, please contact IEAA at or call +61 3 9925 4579.

AIEC pre-conference workshops are interactive sessions in which skills or concepts are taught, demonstrated, or explored, and they are rooted in participation and active learning. Workshops engage participants in the exploration of practical solutions based on real issues from a variety of specialised fields. Activity and interaction are vital parts of these workshops.

Workshops take place on the Tuesday prior to the conference, are offered at an additional fee to delegates and provide space for approximately 40 participants.

  • No. of presenters: As determined by the person submitting the proposal.
  • Duration: Half-day (three hours including a 15-20 minute break).
  • Session format: The format of the workshop varies depending on the topic(s) presented and the number of presenters and is determined by the person submitting the proposal in conjunction with the committee. Workshop presenters and possibly the moderator may offer coordinated presentations.
  • Chair/moderator: As determined by the person submitting the proposal.
  • Room set-up: The room can be set up in classroom (desks facing the front of the room), u-shape or cabaret style (round tables), and is subject to room size and expected attendance.
  • Audiovisual: A computer, projector, screen, lectern and mic are provided in each room in which a workshop is scheduled. Roving or stand-up mics will be available depending on the size of the room. Further audiovisual requirements will be discussed with the facilitator(s).
Key dates

1 June 2016 - Registration opens

19 August 2016- Early bird closes

18 October 2016 - Conference starts